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Opening Workshop Powered by IDEO

i.school Opening Workshop Powered by IDEO

i.school’s opening ceremonial workshop selected as its theme the communication between working mothers and their children.  Thanks to IDEO’s thorough collaboration, we realized a five-day experimental program applying IDEO’s original methods such as fieldwork, insight development, synthesis, ideation, and prototyping.

Date: from September 14th to 18th, 2009  (5 days)
Venue: Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
Theme: Toward Better Communication between Working Mothers and Their Children at Home
Facilitator: IDEO
Stanford Institute of Design (d.school)
Innovation Lab., Hakuhodo Inc.
Research Institute of Behavior Observation, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
L-Net Co., Ltd.

Language: English

Students’ Comments
-Don’t hesitate to use a huge amount of post its, put brain storming rules on the wall, use big markers in order to share the ideas with the team members …These methods look trivial, but I feel I learned very important skills from them.  (Law, undergraduate)

-In my team there were two business persons.  Through conversation with them, I could know business people’s problems, and also could learn their skills.  (Engineering, undergraduate)

-The two parties held on the first day and the last day were a nice way to become friends with each other. The T-shirt gift is a good memento.(Engineering, graduate)