What We Aim

Designing Eco Experiences - Human-Centered Workshop #4 2009

Industry is strongly required to appeal to consumers’eco consciousness and to promote the realization of a low-carbon society through its products and services.  In this workshop we did research to identify the meanings of the term “eco”, studied its significances in our lives, and challenged design eco experiences.  With the facilitation of young designers from Hitachi who engage in a wide range of design from home appliances to social infrastructures, the students experienced the design process using Hitachi’s original methods and tools.



Date: Dec 17th 2009, Jan 12th, 19th and 30th 2010 (4 days)
Venue: Hongo Campus the University of Tokyo
Facilitator: Yukinobu Maruyama, Design Division, Hitachi and his team
Collaborator:Global Asia Design School Program, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University


Students comments

-I learned the effectiveness of not thinking logically but respecting my own feelings when gathering information.  It may be interesting to divide the process into “brain time” and “feeling time”.  (Keio University)

-It was great that I could experience a process in which spontaneous ideas became structured.  It was very convincing to see the analysis map, and I was deeply impressed by the interpretations discovered behind the eco experiences.  (Engineering, graduate)

-I dedicated all my energy to extract my own and develop other team members’ ideas.  As a result, I couldn’t pay attention to better team management, and couldn’t prepare a better presentation.  (Engineering, gradutate)