What We Aim

What We Aim

In the face of an unprecedented economic crisis, our society is increasingly encouraged to change. As we know that there is no obvious road to succeed, we are solicited to create new paths for a desirable future.

At i.school, we foster innovative people who think outside the box and, therefore, discover, enhance, and realize new value. They grow with motivations, techniques and experiences to change, yielding them to take roles in pushing governments, businesses and academics not only in Japan, but also in Asia, and the world to innovate.

Cultivating New Leadership

We cultivate to educate a new style of leadership. This encourages leaders to serve others while staying focused on achieving results in line with a broad view to business and society, i.e. they conceive innovative ideas, collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, and facilitate to realize changes.

Human-Centered Innovation

We believe every technology, system and culture created by mankind has been inherently evolved to seek more freedom, more equality and, above all else, more happiness. As we enjoy sustainable happiness, we need to create things rooted in a deep understanding of humans realistically and holistically.

Knowledge Structuring for Creative Thinking

Through an active use of ICT, we provide good perspectives with which students notice important facts and their mutual relationships. The tools are also expected to promote communication between different disciplines as a common language.

Social Issues into Innovation Opportunities

Along with deep-seated pathologies of society including discrimination, poverty, ethnic feud, and environmental pollution, we also have to consider contemporary social issues such as global warming, dwindling birthrate and an aging population, and global shortage of food and water.
We don’t encourage students to break down issues into details and try to resolve each of them individually. We rather believe we had better help them become aware of a broader social issue as a whole. This shall transform the issue into innovation opportunities. In other words, we emphasize viewpoints of “change makers.”

Providing Real Experiences

We believe practices help to create innovative ideas with reality. We also believe participation in the practices provide invaluable experiences of learning to innovate. Collaborating with corporations and governments in an affirmative way shall create these precious opportunities.